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Three Keys To Beating Mizzou

Georgia v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

A hill that I won’t die on, but will spend some time fighting on is the fact that it’s beyond laughable that Georgia is in the same division at Missouri, much less having to play them annually.

When it comes time to hopefully redraw the SEC divisions, hopefully it’ll slot the Columbia of the west’s Tigers in the western division.

Until that time comes, Missouri is a yearly opponent for Georgia, and the next round of that series is Saturday with the Tigers in Athens.

Here’s three keys to beating Missouri.

The Task At Hand

There’s no way around it. This team is bad. Not Vanderbilt bad, but close. They did have to fight hard to beat the Commodores last weekend, for what it’s worth.

That said, if Georgia has a post-Cocktail Party hangover, it could make things uneasy. We’ll find out Saturday with a Noon kickoff and coming off the Florida game how focused this team is.

Own the line

Georgia has an edge in its run game, both in its backs and offensive line. This needs to be a game in which Georgia controls the tempo by eating up time off the clock and flat-out imposing its will against Missouri.

Minimize miscues

You don’t want to look ahead, but Tennessee looms next week, and will be a tougher challenge. The last thing Georgia needs to do is to stumble into Knoxville after not playing well. That means don’t fill the game with pre-snap penalties and ill-advised turnovers. Whoever the quarterback is for Georgia, interceptions need to be very few.

Go Dawgs!