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Thursday Morning Dawg ‘Bites

Like me, you’re probably welcoming a normal sleep schedule. What a week.

UAB v Georgia Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images

Greetings from the Swamps of Broward, everyone. I trust those of you who follow the Braves and have been immersed in the cycle of late starting/late ending games were able to get back to a modicum of normalcy last night regarding your sleeping and, perhaps, eating and “school night” drinking routine. I loved the NLCS and World Series. Absolutely. But it was starting to take a toll. I quit being a spring chicken a long, long time ago.

I watched the Dan Mullen show yesterday which is something I rarely do as I find this particular brand of broadcasting to be in clear violation of FCC laws for offensive content. There were very few highlights to speak of from the Gator perspective, although they did show a few clips of our big plays because, well, the producers needed something to air. It’s such a joy when we win in any given year, but avenging a previous year’s loss just makes it that much sweeter. Mrs. DavetheDawg did note that Steve, our Gator neighbor across the street, did not emerge from his residence all weekend. I might have to go check on him, but he’s a pretty rabid Gator who is probably feeling about the same way as most of Gator Nation regarding the direction of the program. When I see him, I’ll offer no condolences, but will offer him a Georgia T-Shirt.

There’s a lot going on this Saturday Between the Hedges besides a key SEC matchup with Mizzou. Mark Richt will be honored at the game which is something that just feels right, right now. This man was the perfect hire at the time and we owe him much.

The ESPN broadcast crew is set for our 12:00 kickoff, with Joe Tessitore and Greg McElroy in the broadcast booth while Katie George will be on the sideline. I was hoping that Matt Stinchcomb would be on the call, but he’s probably going to be saddled with another game at Vandy. Lucky for Matt, Vandy has a bye week.

This Mizzou writer isn’t very optimistic about their chances over at our SB Nation sister site, Rock M Nation. Their analytics has Georgia at a 95% chance of victory. Look, I’m no statistician although I made a solid B back in college when I took it even though my teacher couldn’t speak a lick of English. But I can tell you with great certainty that 95% of anything is a lot.

Staying with Rock M Nation for a second, this writer does a nice job analyzing some of the issues of Missouri’s young, but talented quarterback, Conner Bazelak.

Kirby Smart extended an invitation for the Atlanta Braves mascot (and others), Blooper, to attend the game on Saturday.

Well, coolio! Looks like that invite has been accepted. I love it when sports crosses over like this.

Is Georgia playing the wrong quarterback?

“At this point, Smart might do more damage to his team’s chemistry by replacing Bennett with Daniels, unless Bennett plays poorly. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” - Mark Schlabach, ESPN.

This will be debated until J.T. Daniels returns to the lineup and I have no doubt that at some point he will - whenever and wherever that is. Until then, we ride with The Mailman.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I hope Friday is payday. I hope Saturday we whip Missouri as expected and no one on either side gets hurt.

As Always, GO DAWGS!