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Tuesday Dawg Bites Sees Waiting As The Hardest Part

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Georgia at Georgia Tech

Ok, so there is a rather large game in Atlanta Saturday. How any of you can focus on doing anything productive this week should warrant some kind of award.

It’s week’s like this that I think of one of the fictional characters from Lewis Grizzard’s writings, Dorsey Hill, who per Grizzard, ‘thinks that when you die you go to Vince Dooley’s house. He can’t wait.”

During the 1980 season after the Florida game, Hill had another take that probably lines up with many of you, right now.

“Home?” He screamed back. “I haven’t worked since Texas A&M, and I haven’t slept since Clemson. You expect me to go back home when we play Auburn in only six more days?”

This time against Alabama feels different, There’s more time to process what we think Georgia should be able to do and do well, and see if Georgia will handle the role of favorites. In December of 2018, you hoped Georgia could keep it close, and the Bulldogs almost messed around the did much more. As for January of that year, it’s hard to remember the leadup because of all the Rose Bowl euphoria, an emotion that I still wish could somehow have been bottled up.

That’s what makes this week all the more agonizing, All year long, it’s been, ‘yeah, but can this defense do this to Bama....ok, Bennett played ok, but he can’t do that against Saban’s defense...It’s finally here, so soak it all up, because fan bases seeking coaches now well know, special eras don’t last forever.

Thankfully, neither coach this week will have to endure LSU coaching rumors after the LSU brass saw Lincoln Riley takes his wagons west and said, “hold my backwoods bayou moonshine” and hired Brian Kelly.

Yes, because apparently getting pasted by Alabama and Georgia at Notre Dame convinced Kelly he’d want more of the same in the SEC. Next to BYU joining the SEC, this couldn’t be a bigger culture shock. I mean, Arkansas bringing in Bret Bielema in from Wisconsin was an ill-fated adjustment, but the gold-dome tradition of Notre Dame against the wild, crazy and neck-playing LSU atmosphere is..quite an adjustment.

If there’s one thing we have seen this week in coaching, it’s to expect the unexpected. Georgia and Alabama were done a huge favor in this timing, as the ‘does Bill O’Brien or Dan Lanning go to LSU” chatter is doused.

Look, if Kirby wants to get the band back together even more and bring in another analyst, Mike Bobo is now available.

In other news...The Banner-Herald takes a look at how Georgia’s path differed to Atlanta from Alabama’s more dramatic one.

Last fall, the Stetson Bennett fairy tale appeared to end against Alabama. Now, it’s time for Part 2, and DawgNation talks about how Bennett gets to have a chance to rewrite that tale.

So what bearing do past Georgia-Alabama meetings have for this group of Bulldogs? None, says Kirby Smart.

Go Dawgs!