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Dawg Stats is Looking at Data Points

The 12-0 Bulldogs closed out the regular season and look to a rematch of two post season tilts with Alabama under Kirby Smart. Georgia finishes the season first in FBS in Net YPP at 3.4. Alabama is only one of five FBS to finish at 2.0 Net YPP or better. This is a key stat for Playoff teams. Teams with higher Net YPP are 15-6 in the College Football Playoff. In fact, Georgia’s 3.4 Net YPP is the highest of all CFP teams and 3.7 YPP allowed on defense is the lowest by any CFP team.

Georgia and Alabama had four common opponents. In fact, Both teams faced Arkansas at home and UT and Auburn on the road. Florida got The Tide at home and Georgia had them at Jacksonville.

Let's look at those four games for each offense. Georgia has better average YPP, Success Rate, and EPA against those teams.

Against common opponents - Georgia was better in all three key metrics

Georgia’s defense is the best in the country, and one of the best in the playoff era. This is accepted by just about everyone in the media. The only game which Alabama’s defense performed better was the Iron Bowl.... versus a wounded backup QB. I digress.

Bama has a quality defense, holding both Tennessee and Auburn below 40% success rate. But, allowing over 6 YPP to Arkansas, Florida, and Tennessee which were competitive games is worth noting.

Alabama’s offense was consistent for the majority of the season, but they actually end the season on a regression. They finish up at a season low point in Offensive YPP and EPA. EPA is interesting. This is average off each’s play result weighing down, distance, and field position. It is base line for judging offensive efficiency. It took more plays for Bama to move the ball down the field at the end of the season as it did at any point prior. And “what's that coming down the track?” The most efficient defense in the country.

Alabama ends up averaging 6.7 YPP on offense. Their lowest average since 2017
Georgia ended up a decimal point better on offensive EPA, but the trend looks better for Monken and Co than Alabama

Georgia ends the regular season on another upward trend on offense with a 50.3% success rate which is good for 8th best in country. Alabama again hits a season low on offensive success rate at just under 48% - 17th in the nation.