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Three keys to beating Georgia Tech

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Facts are facts, This Georgia team is pretty good. This team from the trade school is pretty bad, as the moving on from Paul Johnson experience continues to flat line.

In yet another noon kickoff in COFH, here’s three keys to a Georgia win.

Keep emotions in check

Georgia has a lot of play for next week. Tech does not. In a bad year, this game becomes bigger for the team having a bad year, and that team is the Yellow Jackets. Don’t think for a second that Tech players would take great joy in instigating an on-field incident causing a Georgia player to miss part of the SEC title game...ala George Pickens.

Play as expected

Georgia is the superior team, and it’s key here that Georgia not start off slugglishly, as a lackluster win is the last thing you need going into, let’s the honest, the biggest stage for the program since January 2018. The other tie-in, here is that if Georgia starts slow, it lets a Tech team think it has a chance. Georgia needs to avoid that.

Avoid Injuries

This ties into a big-picture win. To be honest, this worry is not as bad with the triple-option no longer a thing on The Flats, but a successful day on Saturday for Georgia will be a day with few injuries, helping the team Dawgs be as close to full strength as possible.