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Thanksgiving ‘Dawg Bites

Giving thanks and talkin’ Dawgs. Life is good.

Charleston Southern Buccaneers v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you aren’t reading this too early and was able to sleep in this morning. Those of you who have to work today, I feel ‘ya. Back when I was in the TV biz I think I worked 16 or 17 Thanksgivings and/or Christmas Days in a row, so I know how tough it is.

Since it’s Thanksgiving I thought I’d just share a quick list of things I am thankful for:

  • Our program and leadership. I look across the landscape of the sport we love so much and where we currently sit is most definitely the exception, not the rule. We are very fortunate.
  • Jordan Davis. The story on #99 is still being written, but he is one of my top 5 all-time favorite Dawgs. Such a pleasure to watch every Saturday on the field, directing the band, eating Swedish Fish and entertaining us in press conferences.
  • All the rest of our players on the roster.
  • Our coordinators and assistant coaches, support staff and analysts.
  • Depth on both lines of scrimmage...but especially that defense.
  • Getting healthy at the right time. Yes, we are.
  • My Dad’s season tickets. He’s been retired from UGA since 2000, but he still writes that check (Hartman Fund doesn’t apply...I guess he got that ex-faculty bump) every year which guarantees I get to see a game or two. Love ‘ya, Dad (even if you didn’t have tickets...;-).
  • Tonight’s Egg Bowl. It should be epic.
  • My grandmother’s mushroom gravy recipe.
  • My family. This will be the first holiday season without my mom who passed in June. It has been a very tough year of “firsts,” and I’m sure those of you who have experienced loss know exactly what I mean.
  • My wife.
  • You. The reader. The participants on this humble blog that has been an important part of my fandom for about 14 years or so. We write, but you guys rock.

Now onto some newsy notes and tiddly bits...

I still can’t get over the fact that Brock Bowers was snubbed by the Mackey Award committee for the nations best tight end. Maybe they have a true-freshman bias. The Heisman Trophy committee sure had one against Herschel bank in 1980.

While we’re at it, I’m picking Bowers to absolutely shred Tech on Saturday and he’s gonna be a matchup problem for Bama the Saturday after that, too. Gimme some of big Darnell Washington while we’re at it.

My nominee for the laziest Tweet-of-the-year (which is saying something):

Maybe no one is highly ranked anymore because we beat their ass into submission when they were, Stewie...

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Some well deserved love for Kelee Ringo and Derion Kendrick over at UGA’s Rivals site.

The Georgia offensive line has been nominated for the Joe Moore Award for the nation’s most outstanding unit. For the first time since its inception, I do not see Alabama on this list.

Eli Ricks, a now former LSU defensive back, has entered the transfer portal. Ricks is a former 5-Star recruit. Guess which one of 4 schools has made his cut?

A blast from the past. We were unranked. Tech was #7. November 29, 2009. I cannot believe this was 12 years ago now. I should’ve bought Tesla stock. I’m pretty sure I bought Blockbuster.

It was at this moment that I became so jacked, I ate a stick of butter.

Gee-Off says he completely “gets the frustration.” Prepare to get some more.

Since a loss in in their building back in 1989, Georgia has won 14 of 15 games at Bobby Dodd Stadium. It should be 15 games since ‘89 because Jasper Sanks did not fumble in 1999.

Me: Hey, “Siri. Has Georgia Tech ever beaten Georgia when it truly mattered?”

Siri: “Biotch, please.”

That’s all I’ve got. Happy Thanksgiving!