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Tuesday Dawg Bites Sees Tech As The Biggest Rival

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a very easy litmus test to tell when Georgia fans came of age.

If they question whether or not Georgia should play The Enemy (aka, the North Avenue Trade School), odds are that they came along in their fandom in the last ten years, or so.

Georgia should play Georgia Tech each year for one chief reason. That the Yellow Jackets are Georgia’s biggest rival.

Or as former Georgia player and coach Ray Goff said, ‘If you don’t think that Tech is Georgia’s biggest rival, just lose to them once and you’ll find out.”

Sure, if you live in the part of the Peach State bordering Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida or Alabama, you may put more personal pride in Georgia winning those rivalry games, but in the big picture, Georgia should not lose to Tech on a regular basis, especially in football.

That’s why the late 90s were so hard to swallow. Sure. The Enemy in the past had a few hear and there wins, but the Dawgs regularly beat Tech. That changed during a Back To The Future-like alternate time departure thanks to George “what’s a resume” O’Leary and the offensive wizardry of Ralph Friedgen.

Having Georgia teams with more talent than results didn’t help. In Atlanta and other places in Georgia heavy with GT grads, it was no fun, because Tech people weren’t used to winning as much. The Tech fan base crawled up and into the light, like termites under a piece of rotted wood.

Dan Magill famously referred to Georgia as the “majority party of the Empire State of the South.” Georgia should, in football and as an institution overall, outweigh The Enemy.

That’s why “We Run This State” fits perfectly. To me, it’s more than football, where Georgia obviously has bigger goals. We run this state means that Tech is not and will never be Georgia.

That’s why this game is important, for Georgia people to annually remind Tech people of where things stand in the Peach State, with the Bulldogs ahead of the Jackets.

On the injury front, Jamaree Salyer and Nolan Smith look on track to play against Tech.

As the Banner-Herald explains, Kirby Smart is making opposing coaches' lives hard due, in part, to recruiting.

Just like football...the Ice Dawgs topped Clemson over the weekend. But let’s credit Clemson’s club hockey team for scoring more points than the Tigers football team this year against Georgia.

The times are interesting for Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin, who in recent weeks has seen his team go from a possibly inroad to the SEC title game, to losing to the Bizzaro Dogs and Chickens to now a possible candidate at Washington.

Few people made as much sport out of hating Tech than Lewis Grizzard, who told the story of a druggist convention taking its members to the Yellow Jackets game against the mighty Citadel. To be honest, you have to be on drugs to willingly to see the Trade School play anyone besides your own team.

Go Dawgs!