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Tuesday Dawg Bites is sitting back and watching with amusement

Georgia v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Like many of you, I am sure, one of the highlights of the coming Christmas season is that one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time will be replayed over and over again - Christmas Vacation.

In it, Cousin Eddie, whose heart is bigger than his brain, utters one of his memorable lines from the movie regarding a membership in the Jelly Of The Month Club.

“Clark, it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year...”

Much like Cousin Eddie, the coach who once dressed as him for a Christmas Party, Dan Mullen, is continuing to be the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

Not only did Mullen play his role in the 2020’s reliving of Spurrier vs. Goff, with Kirby Smart, of course, being a Spurrier parrelel, but he offered out an observation on Monday that makes you wonder - who benefited Georgia more by them being a rival head coach - Mullen or Paul Johnson.

It all started on Saturday after the game when Smart aptly reminded Georgia, and Florida fans of why the Bulldogs are elevated above Florida.

And Mullen on Monday was asked about it and handled Cousin Eddie trying to kidnap Mr. Shirley.

Truth be told, Mullen probably misspoke. But that didn’t help matters as Florida is now in full circle the wagons mode.

If the Gators are looking to reassure the fan base that all is under control...they’re not.

I know that as fans we should not laugh at others’ misfortune. But when it’s your rival, all bets are off, as all’s fair in love, war, and college football rivalries.

Two of the biggest coaching names in the game this time a year ago were Dabo Swinney and Dan Mullen. Right now, they are both irrelevant as far as their team’s national title hopes, and that’s all due to Kirby Smart.

The Mizzou game will, unfortunately, be at Noon Saturday, because despite being the top-ranked team in the nation, there’s a noon kickoff because of TV things. And while there may be a temptation to tune in and out of this game since Georgia’s defense will commit multiple violations of the Geneva Convention against the Tigers, one thing to watch is this - will JT Daniels actually get back under center. As expected, everyone has an opinion.

Ok, another SEC East title sells t-shirts. But what does it mean to Georgia’s players? In short - it’s just one step. It’s become expected and it should be. That’s the mentality. I remember being a student in 2002 and how euphoric it was, because Georgia had never gotten to Atlanta before. That novelty wears off once you have been, also when the specter of a possible Bama matchup...or Auburn...or Texas A&M looming.

Go Dawgs!