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Three Keys To Beating Charleston Southern (No, seriously)

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

At the risk of sounding like a satirical post. yes, there are keys to Georgia beating Charleston Southern on Saturday.

JT Daniels needs to get quality snaps

Given that, on paper Georgia should easily handle this one, there’s one big thing that the Bulldogs need out of this one. To get JT Daniels plenty of work. Not to sound doom and gloom, but there may come a time in Atlanta or maybe Miami, Dallas or Indy where Stetson Bennett is either banged up or is just not having his night. There may be a time when Daniels might be needed to come in and save the day, and he can’t do that when he’s in the game handing the ball off, no matter who the opponent is.

Don’t get hurt

This one is self-explanatory. Perhaps nothing would be typical bad Georgia luck than a player having a serious injury in a meaningless game.

Don’t get suspended, before or after the game

The last thing Georgia needs is someone doing something ill-advised on and off the field. The Bulldogs have an awful, awful lot to play for, and the last thing Georgia needs is be without someone because of a non-sensical decision .