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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

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Virginia Tech v Tennessee Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Well, the college football season is slowly drawing to a close. And as such, we start to see some rivalries, both traditional and new, leading up to the conference championships (although the weekend after Thanksgiving is obviously when this phenomenon reaches its peak). You won’t see your #1 Georgia Bulldogs on this weekend’s TV schedule. That’s because we’ll be playing a noon game being broadcast on an app. It looks like most folks should be able to access it pretty easily, but so help me if the video quality dips...

Oh, and I guess there are some other games this weekend. I should probably focus on them for a minute. Anyway...

Let’s do it!

Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule >>>> CLICK HERE!!!

And now for my viewing suggestions for each time slot:


Wednesday night MACTION!!!

It’s apparently a thing now. 7 P.M. on the lesser ESPNs.


Louisville Cardinals @ Duke Blue Devils, 7:30 P.M. - ESPN

As I mentioned last week, the higher ups at the ACC have finally figured out a way to force me to pay attention to their pathetic conference. Just don’t have anything else scheduled on Thursday nights. Well I’ve got some bad news for them: These M*A*S*H reruns aren’t going to binge watch themselves!


Memphis Tigers @ #24 Houston Cougars, 9:00 P.M. - ESPN2

The now CFP-ranked Cougars of Houston host an extremely middle-of-the-pack Memphis squad. But Houston could be in trouble if they’re caught looking ahead to their post-Thanksgiving battle with.... UCONN? Oh, come on now!


#7 Michigan State Spartans @ #4 Ohio State Buckeyes, 12:00 P.M. - ABC

Come on, Mel Tucker! We need you to take care of business here. Because we all know that Lil’ Jimmy Harbaugh is going to soil himself and blow it like always next week.


#21 Arkansas Razorbacks @ #2 Alabama Crimson Tide, 3:30 P.M. - CBS

Sam Pittman’s boys roll into Tuscaloosa with a chance to throw much of the Top 5 to Top 10 into absolute chaos. I, for one think they are capable of doing so, but that doesn’t mean they will... not by a long shot. But I’ll definitely be tuning in to find out.


#3 Oregon Ducks @ #23 Utah Utes, 7:30 P.M. - ABC

Much of what I just said about the Razorbacks applies here to the Utes. Except Utah has the added benefit of playing at home. This one could get very interesting. Or you could go watch Auburn and South Carolina have a three and a half hour slap fight.


Arizona State Sun Devils @ Oregon State Beavers, 10:30 PM - ESPN

The conference looks pretty settled at this point, but it is the Pac-12 and it is after dark, so we’ll take it.

That’s all for now, folks.

Until next week...