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Tuesday Dawg Bites Thinks The Timing Is Good

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

If you are wondering if this is still an alternate universe in that all seems to be going Georgia’s way, consider this.

The flu bug that did play a role Saturday against Tennessee is not simply going away.

At the risk of the ghost of Larry Munson coming back to haunt us, Georgia’s schedule could not work out any better given that current situation.

Saturday is Charleston Southern, and next week is The Trade School.

Look, I’m not saying to take Geoff Collins and his annoying band of catchphrases lightly, but this team from Atlanta is not very good.

That means that if there was ever a time for Georgia to be able to get rest and let sick guys recover, now is it. Having an FCS opponent this late in the season may be anti-climatic and less than appealing if you’re a season ticket holder, but it may be just what the doctor ordered for the Dawgs.

Like any Georgia graduate that was a student in Athens in the 1990s, Kirby Smart has not so good memories of games against Tech, Tennessee, Auburn, and Florida. So obviously, anytime you can stick it to those teams, you are not going to shy away from it.

The question becomes, however, at what cost? If it means holding a Tennessee or Florida without a late touchdown but means Georgia cannot have a fully healthy part of its downright fearsome defense, is it worth the risk?

So far, Georgia is lucky, and that much was revealed Monday with a health update on Jalen Carter.

The Bulldogs have largely avoided catastrophic injuries on defense this year. Hopefully, that remains the case.

How do Georgia and Charleston Southern match up in the trenches? The Red & Black takes a glance.

Go Dawgs!