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Monday ‘Dawg Bites

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

You may or may not be nursing sore knees and a case of the flu following this weekend’s rout of the Tennessee Volunteers. But even if you are, the Charleston Southern Buccaneers are coming to town anyway. And they’re sneaky. How sneaky? Charleston Southern University is actually in North Charleston, South Carolina, not Southern Charleston. I bet they’re long snapper is probably top notch, too.

So to free up preparation time we’re going to roll through only the most essential news in Bulldog Nation this morning.

The Georgia men’s basketball team saw their hopes of an undefeated 2021-2022 season dashed this weekend by the Cincinnati Bearcats. At this point Tom Crean’s team looks like what you’d expect from a team with a dozen new players: individual moments of promise see Braelin Bridges 24 points on 11 of 15 shooting) but a lack of overall cohesion. Promisingly, Georgia actually made a second half run to close the gap, rather than falling apart down the stretch.

If Crean is able to get his jello mold of a roster to congeal early enough they may outplay their preseason SEC poll standing (which was absolutely dead last in the fourteen team conference). If not, well Crean’s buyout at the end of this season is a manageable $3.2 million.

Back on the gridiron, for the second week in a row Georgia will face a team this Saturday that’s coming off a tough conference matchup. You can get full details on Charleston Southern’s thrilling overtime victory over Gardner-Webb here, but the main points are that the Bucs won by taking advantage of red zone opportunities (scoring on 5 of 7) and manufacturing points in the kicking game. Again, that long snapper is probably an assassin.

Speaking of absolutely deadly football players, national media and knowledgeable observers are warming up to the idea that Stetson Bennett may actually be good at the whole quarterbacking thing.

The refrain for awhile was “Georgia’s going to eventually wind up in a game where they need to score 30 points just to win and I don’t think Stetson Bennett can do that.” More and more, it’s become “He just maybe could, but it’s also entirely possible he’ll never need to.”

It remains weird to me that we assume that players at other positions (offensive line, linebacker, etc.) get better year over year but quarterbacks get typecast and have a hard time overcoming that prevailing narrative. The Stetson Bennett who just carved up Tennessee is a different QB than the one who foundered on the road against Alabama 13 months ago.

Finally, remember that Auburn fans are dumb. Truly, the Wile E. Coyote of college football fan bases.

Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!