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Winning Smart Victory Post #62

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Neyland Stadium has been the bane of our players’ knees existence for lo these many years, but I’m not saying anything you didn’t already know, amirite? By that measure, we escaped relatively unscathed yesterday. While a definitive diagnosis for either has not yet been released, we hope Devonta Wyatt and Nolan Smith recover from their injuries. Despite arriving with over half a dozen players dealing with ‘flu-like symptoms’, your Georgia Bulldogs dispatched the Tennessee Volunteers 41-17 yesterday afternoon.

It is our intention to celebrate Georgia Bulldog Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur. The ugliness or beauty of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Winning Smart Victory Post. It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week’s edition of: The Winning Smart Victory Post.

Coach Kirby Smart coached his 76th game tonight for the Red &Black. He currently boasts a 62-14 record and a 0.8158 winning percentage, having carded his sixty-second win overall over the Tennessee Volunteers.

At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 76th game as head coach resulted in a Georgia Bulldogs win over the Oregon State Beavers in the first game of the 1971 season, giving Coach Dooley a record of 50-22-4 and 0.6842 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 59-17 (0.7763) after a win over Auburn.

Seventy-six games into his head coaching career Kirby Smart is three games ahead of Coach Mark Richt and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by 12 games. As of now, he is holding his own versus the two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

As always . . .

Go ‘Dawgs !!!!