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Dawg Stats: Updated National Stats and Metrics

There are only 5 teams which have a 2.0+ Net YPP as Alabama used a cupcake to crack into the list and sits at 2.1 Net YPP. Georgia now sits atop the list at 3.0 passing Ohio State. Wisconsin on the efforts of the nation’s lowest defensive YPP is on the verge of cracking the 2.0 list. They could make some noise down the stretch if they make the B1G Championship Game.

While UGA’s defensive unit is competitive statically with Wisconsin, both are putting up elite numbers. Both are near the top in defensive efficiency in the playoff era. Wisconsin’s defensive success rate allowed is best in the College Football Era. Georgia’s 31.6% allowed in 4th best

Georgia’s did in fact face it’s best offensive team this season. And after some first quarter success, the Tennessee offense fell victims to the Georgia defense. Volunteers’ offensive success rate was 44% for the game, but 34.5% after the first quarter. Georgia held the Volunteers do a season low 4.8 yards per play on offense. Georgia is now the national leader in Net Yards Per Play.