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Dawg Stats: UT Preview

Georgia travels to Knoxville, and the pundits are looking to make this game interesting despite the Vegas 20+ point line. The Georgia offense can’t stay healthy with Arian Smith out with broken leg, but that hasn't stopped Monken from making Georgia one of the most efficient offenses in the country.

In league play, UGA is near the top in most offensive efficiency metrics. That .568 Pass EPA is ELITE

Graham pointed out that the UT Defense is suspect in tackling especially in the secondary. Monken has both Bowers and Washington who can absolutely exploit that weakness. UT will drop back to defend against explosive plays and UGA can absolutely punish that defensive approach.

Bennett is one of the best QBs in the country running play action. Having Bowers and Washington as targets where the LBs are leveraged against the run or covering could lead to mismatches for them.

Georiga’s most productive pass concept according to SEC Stat Cat is the flood concept off play action. The TEs have been the beneficiary of those plays.

Look at how these plays seem so effortless for the Georgia offense. Tennessee got out of Lexington with the win, but nearly 100 plays on defense and substantial deficiencies covering these plays should be exploited by whoever is at QB for Georgia.

Here is what the Flood concept looks like in action:

If you like this analysis, please check out Dawg Sports Live YouTube we breakdown and preview every game . Here are the graphics from the Tennessee Preview episode

Vols have been one of the better offenses in the SEC this season
While a lot of the routes run are short screens and RPOs, Velus Jones is their go to pass catcher and can run all the routes
Payton and Tillman will the “home run” targets... Ringo and Kendrick will need to lock them up

Georgia has been one, if not the best, offenses in SEC play. 50%+ success rate in both pass and rush offense and a 7.0 YPP to (hobnail)boot

Can the Tennessee rush defense contain the Dawgs playmakers? Graham expects the backs to set the tone in a 20.5 point cover. The Vol D Line is rated 10th in SEC by PFF, and the LBs and secondary don’t exactly pick up the slack

That is a lot of missed tackles

Enjoy the game, and please check out the Dawgs Sports Live You Tube. We got at each and every game with stats and analysis. Go Dawgs!!