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Three keys to beating Tennessee

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

In September, you would not have guessed this would be the case, but Georgia probably goes into its biggest minefield in the way of running the table in the SEC regular season on Saturday when it goes to Neyland Stadium to take on Tennessee.

Here are three keys to yet another Georgia win.

Third downs are critical

Tennessee likes to score quickly and do so often. The way for Georgia to counter that? Extend scoring drives by converting third downs. That keeps UT’s offense on the sidelines, and if Georgia can eat time off the clock and turn those drives into scores, chances of a win are good.

Win the island

It’s said that to be a good defensive back, one has to have the mentality of being on an island, knowing that it’s a DB and nobody else that can make plays. If there’s a group that has a chip on its shoulder going into Saturday, it’s Georgia’s defensive secondary, that has certainly heard doubts about ‘yeah, but who have they beat with that defense.’ You don’t want to assume big plays against Georgia won’t happen, but the Bulldogs have to minimize them, that’s for sure.

Make the crowd a non-factor

When the Vols have a chance to win, Neyland Stadium can be a very tough place to play, no question. The last thing Georgia needs is to give up an early score and let the crowd get fired up. That’s why if Georgia scores on its first three drives, one of UT’s biggest allies, its crowd, can be a non-factor.

Go Dawgs!