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Dawg Sports Live: Missouri Review, Analysis, and Stats

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

“You’re elite or you're not...” Kirby Smart is a tee shirt printing machine. A 43-6 win would be considered by most as an easy and definitive win. There was a lot to be positive about. Stetson Bennett and the healthy receiving corps seemed to be effortless in rolling out another day of 10+ yards per pass attempt. The tape and stats show how efficient the passing offense was on Saturday against Missouri.

Check out the latest Dawg Sports Live breakdown. Here are some of the stats and added analysis from the show.

“Hey Siri, show me passing efficiency”

As good as the QBs and receivers were, don’t sleep on the defense. Lanning and company are holding opposing offenses to a ridiculous sub 30% success rate. Missouri did have a few explosive plays, but when 7 of 10 aren’t successful, look more at the YPP and a negative EPA more than a single game explosive rating (Which UGA won - a critical stat which often determines who wins a game)

Explosiveness is calculate on just the successful plays - don’t read too much into a single game explosiveness rating

Watch our WR’s come out to play. 12 different players caught passes on Saturday.

Bennett had a game for sure, big chunk plays, putting the ball where his guys can go get it, and not picks. But, fans did get to see the return of JT Daniels. His first drive resulted in a TD, but a pick killed another scoring opportunity, and maybe it’s not as simple as plug and play between Daniels and Bennett.

The rushing game managed a good average at 5 yards per carry, but Graham sees a lot of things which need to be cleaned up. No one is trying to be negative, but getting Graham’s take on the offensive line will show you where Georgia needs - and can - improve. Nearly half of the rush yards came from Bennett, Smith, and Jackson’s 3 rushes.

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