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Evening Open Thread: Jimbo, Coach O, and West Coast Wackiness

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing better than evening college football after a big Bulldog win. But it’s a little better when the slate of games is actually, well, pretty darn good.

Alabama visiting Texas A&M in an 8:00 kick on CBS is the main event. But UGA fans will also want to pay attention to LSU’s contest in Lexington against the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, who’ll come to Athens next Saturday in what could become the Bulldogs’ third top ten matchup of the year (7:30, SEC Network).

And for the real late night degenerates among you, UCLA and Arizona will kick off at 10:30 on ESPN in a PAC-12 After Dark showdown guaranteed to go horribly and hilariously wrong.

So kick back, peruse your Auburn fan site of choice, and enjoy your evening. We’ll pop in shortly with all the usual post-game programming.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!