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Thursday Dawg ‘Bites

Hang in there, folks. Just a few more days. Plus, Macondawg will be along shortly with a nice cocktail.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Rise ‘n shine, Bulldog Campers! It’s the last Thursday before the next Georgia-Auburn tilt and it’s time to start getting your mind right. Here’s a classic cover tune from a righteous dude who now makes the Classic City his home.

BTW...David Lowery is part of the Terry College School of Music Business as Senior Lecturer. Now that’s a Cracker! I wish this resource was around when I had my band. There are still some clubs down here in south Florida that owe us money. One of the things I love about my alma mater: It’s just so damned cool. Even the lecturers (mostly, I hear) are cool.

So, Auburn is prepping for the un-preppable: Jordan Davis. I mean, his GPS time was clocked at a whisker under 20 MPH. Auburn’s offensive line is going to have a helluva time on Saturday, methinks.

Georgia is starting fast thus far in 2021, particularly in the first quarter, outscoring their opponents 91-0, and in the first half 130-6.

Auburn has outscored their opponents in the first half of their 5 games 89-51, but over the last 3 games (Penn State, Georgia State and LSU), the Tiglesmen have been outscored prior to intermission 37-32. So, against teams not named Akron and Alabama State, the Tigers have been starting a bit slow. Buddy, if the Dawgs get any kind of lead early on Saturday, it’s over. You know it, I know it and they know it.

Here’s a nice piece on 5-Star Georgia commit, Malaki Starks out of Jefferson from UGA’s Rivals site, and a very special friendship he has forged with his teacher.

Jordan-Hare can be a tough environment, and Kirby is a bit concerned. Give that crowd an opportunity and it’ll get loud. Conversely, we’ve seen many 12 o’clock starts where (11 A.M. in the CST) where that crowd is super lethargic. I would not have complained if we had another nooner, to be honest. But, we’re the 3:30 CBS kick, so we’ll just have to whip them during a better time slot. Oh, and Shut Up, Gary!

So, we are still in the dark about the health of some guys, but we are getting closer to having more offensive weapons at our disposal. Still, I think the buzzword, “game time decision” will remain popular at least for the next few days.

That’s all I’ve got, err’body. Have a good day...

...and as always, GO DAWGS!