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Tuesday Dawg Bites, like Facebook, is back

Arkansas Razorbacks v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

A Division II baseball coach in South Georgia used to frequently talk about “the law of averages catching up to you.”

For kickoff times over the next few weeks, that is exactly the case for Georgia.

As exciting of an atmosphere as Saturday at Noon Between The Hedges was, it was still at Noon, making for a much more earlier than the desired start for many fans.

The good news? Get used to what I have always thought is the perfect kickoff time - 3:30 p.m, on CBS. It’s later enough to make you not have to rush to campus and ends early enough to where most can get home at a decent hour. There’s just something special about the crisp air of an autumn afternoon in Athens, and it’s one of many things that makes a fall Saturday in The Classic City something that’s hard to put into words of how amazing it is.

The SEC announced Monday that the Oct. 16 Kentucky game will have a 3:30 kickoff - that’ll following this week’s Auburn game as well as the WLOCP in its usual 3:30 time slot.

Some may loathe Gary Danielson if he is on the broadcast, but the best thing of a CBS broadcast is one thing above all other....the theme music. There are few things to get you more energized than the music from the SEC on CBS and an overhead camera shot of Sanford Stadium. It’s something that after the current TV deal expires in 2023 that I’ll miss.

Amidst all the five stars that Kirby Smart has brought in, here’s one thing that sets this program apart. In the midst of all that talent, folk heroes have risen. First, it was Rodrigo Blankenship (speaking of players who could have used an NIL deal..). Now? It’s Stetson Bennett. As exciting as his role as a fill-in for JT Daniels has been, him being back here in Athens almost never happened.

Get used to Bennett possibly playing again. For one, Kirby Smart is hell-bent on not giving any clues to Auburn on who’ll be under center. Secondly, whole Daniels practiced Monday, he didn’t throw the ball any. He may be ready..he may not..but I’d put money on at least expecting Daniels to be limited again this week.

Speaking of injuries, Auburn’s edge defender T.D. Moultry, who missed the LSU game, has a status for Saturday that is also up in the air.

The Larry Munson approach for Georgia fans should create lots of worry. This week feels so much like 2017 it is almost eerie, when Georgia was riding high, went into its first true road environment, and Auburn played the game of its life. The Auburn team Georgia faced that day could have probably beat the 1972 Dolphins, to be honest.

This week? Georgia is riding high and here comes Auburn with a whole lot of confidence after winning at Baton Rogue for the first time since 1999. Auburn is confident, and that should worry you as a Georgia fan.

And no Auburn week is complete without The Dawg Story...

Go Dawgs!