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Week 6 Polls Wants Texas To Be Just a Little Back

Rice v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This Week’s Polls

AP Poll

1. Alabama

2. Georgia

3. Iowa

4. Penn State

5. Cincinnati

6. Oklahoma

7. Ohio State

8. Oregon

9. Michigan

10. BYU

11. Michigan State

12. Oklahoma State

13. Arkansas

14. Notre Dame

15. Coastal Carolina

16. Kentucky

17. Ole Miss

18. Auburn

19. Wake Forest

20. Florida

21. Texas

22. Arizona State

23. NC State

24. SMU

25. San Diego State

Coaches Poll

1. Alabama

2. Georgia

3. Iowa

4. Penn State

5. Oklahoma

6. Cincinnati

7. Ohio State

8. Michigan

9. Oregon

10. BYU

11. Michigan State

12. Oklahoma State

13. Notre Dame

14. Kentucky

15. Coastal Carolina

16. Arkansas

17. Ole Miss

18. Florida

19. Auburn

20. Wake Forest

21. Clemson

22. NC State

23. Texas

24. SMU

25. Arizona State

Georgia Overview

The second ranked Georgia Bulldogs defeated the then-ranked #8 Arkansas Razorbacks 37-0 in a game that saw the Dawg run game get right. This was the second consecutive league shutout for the Dawgs, a feat last seen in 1980.

Georgia remained at #2 but now has nine first place votes. It’s clear that Alabama and Georgia are the top two teams in the nation at the moment, and I’m certainly fine with Bama remaining #1 right now.

Georgia travels to #18 Auburn in yet another ranked showdown.


Fell Out: #15 Texas A&M, #18 Fresno State, #20 UCLA, #21 Baylor, #25 Clemson

Newcomers: #16 Kentucky, #21 Texas, #22 Arizona State, #24 SMU, #25 San Diego State


#8 Oregon. Outside of the upset at Ohio State, the Ducks have not looked the part of a top ten team. They have played several games that should not have been close if they were truly a contender, and the loss to Stanford should have seen them drop outside of the top ten.


#21 Texas. This pains me to put the Longhorns here, because I am a firm believer that they are not back. However, Arkansas is a good team, and Texas is better than their ranking reflects. I will be cheering them on reluctantly this weekend against Oklahoma, as the Sooners are overdue for a loss, but I will continue to laugh at the Longhorns about not being back should they lose.

This Week’s Top 25 Matchups

#6 Oklahoma vs. #21 Texas

#13 Arkansas at #17 Ole Miss

#2 Georgia at #18 Auburn

#4 Penn State at #3 Iowa

Upset Alert

We are not going to talk about last week. Good game, Iowa.

This week, I’m taking Texas +3 ½ to knock off Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown.