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Updated National Yardage Standings

After the weekend games and a third of season behind us, dust is settling on contenders and pretenders. Georgia and Alabama are the consensus top 2 teams. Georgia is on leaderboard in both Offense and Defense Yards Per Play. Alabama’s defense is getting better, but still not top 15 yet. The Tide’s offensive YPP is 6.8 and that gets them into the the top 15 in Net YPP.

Georgia’s next opponent, Auburn, has been slipping back to the mean after padding yardage stats against the FCS. That said, they have played two tough opponents the last three weeks and now are in my top 15 in opponent adjusted metric for the first time and rank 6th in Power 5 Raw Net YPP.

UGA maintains a stranglehold on opposing offenses and Defensive yard averages with a .6 yard ahead of second best defense Iowa State. The Cyclones and the next 11 teams all are within .5 from second. The Dawgs’ offense average slipped to 6.6 YPP after Saturday leaving them 18th in Power 5.

So, a little more on my Opponent Adjusted Net YPP. It factors in a talent composite in opponents faced and adjusted yardages based on those matchups. Last week my top 15 adjusted opponent average went 11-2 ATS. The misses were Florida (my number 4 team -UK was 7th) and Baylor (my #8 team).