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Dawg Stats: Head to Head Breakdown Part 2: Dawgs Offense and Gators Defense.

Back to the breakdowns for the WLOCP. Today we look at the Georgia Offense and the Gators Defense. If you missed the Gators offense and Georgia defense, be sure to check it out. The Georgia offense has seen steady improvement in efficiency all the while scoring plenty of points. The UGA offensive success rate has risen to 49% The Gator’s defense started out strong in non-con with 37% but has settled in at 41%

Florida’s key defensive metrics in SEC rank 7th in YPP allowed, 4th in success rate, 7th in EPA, and 6th in explosiveness. The Georiga offense is 4th in YPP, 5th in success rate, 9th in EPA, and 13th in explosiveness.

Despite the woodshedding on the Gator rushing defense at LSU, Florida’s overall rush defense is solild in top third in SEC except for the success rate which ranks 9th. The UGA rush offense is pretty average in SEC in rushing metrics. The 300 yard game did drop Florida to 8th in rush yards per play. But, I wouldn’t expect the bulldog runners having a breakout game on Saturday.

The Gator run defense grades out by PFF with 73.2 and the 11th ranked in SEC. Despite the Georgia rushing offense being pedestrian by Georiga standards, PFF has the unit graded only behind Florid and Texas A&M.

Not a lot of exotic rushing looks from UGA as charted by SEC Stat Cat. But, but the inside zone read is UGA’s most successful concept and appears that Florida can be susceptible to yards to the inside runs. What is not on here is Stetson has run it 9 times for 10.7 and 77% success rate. 7 inside zone reads and just one QB Draw.

As average as the UGA running game may be this season, the passing game has been electric no matter who plays under center. Against Clemson, the offense was held to a 30% pass success rate. Now through 7 games, the Bulldogs are close to 50% success rate on pass attempts. With that improved efficiency, the YPT has also improved while the league average is on a slight downward trend.

The UF Coverage Grade is 13th in SEC with a grade of 55.1. And if you like that as a Georgia fan, you’ll like that the Pass Offense has a 2nd place grade of 87. The Gators pash rush is graded as second best in SEC with 88.3.

Graham saw Max Johnson getting plays to receivers who were beating man converge. Bennett has shown that he can find his guy who has the advantage

The key to slowing the UGA passing attack might fall to the Gators pass rush. Probably the strongest aspect of the defense. I believe that the colloquial term is “Third and Grantham.” That said the UF pass rush is second in SEC according to PFF

UGA has yet to play a game with full compliment of first team receivers, but whoever has made it onto the field has been productive. I don’t know if this means that Burton can run every route in Monken’s play book, but the number of concepts that StatCat has tracked on him really jumps out. The weapons available to whomever is under center will definitely challenge a suspect Florida defense.

Well, I hope that these breakdowns prepare you for this year’s matchup. I would expect that this defense doesn’t pose much more of a threat than any other unit the Bulldogs have faced. Monken will scheme and have the offense operating as expected. The defense might see its best offense especially with Richardson gets the bulk of the snaps at QB for Florida. But, both QBs are very prone to turnovers and a suspect OL that regularly gets procedure flags might make any explosives hard to come by on the elite Georgia Defense.