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Wednesday Dawg Bites Has A Message For Hope

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Do you know Hope? She’s that vile temptress attractive entity who lulls you into a zombie state and makes you believe this could be your year for your team. At 7-0, and in firm control of the SEC East, the Georgia Bulldogs have resurrected “Hope” to an alarming degree. Each of you may have your personal relationship with Hope; nodding acquaintances, friendly neighbors, BFFs on speed dial, dating, even long-term relationships. I’m not here to judge. I just want you to know those of us unable to treat our Munson with lifestyle choices or conventional medicine, well, we have a message for her:

By the way, whatever happened to the alto sax in rock and roll? Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis & The News, the list goes on. Every 80’s band had at least a pretense at some sax (it’s prevalent in this video, even if I don’t believe it was ever recorded and put on tape), yet it seems to have completely disappeared from backing/harmonic/melodic inclusion. And I just want to know why.

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

After a big recruiting win Monday by Coach Kirby Smart and the staff to land IMG Academy offensive lineman Aliou Bah, Tuesday was a bit of a letdown. St. Louis native and 5-star WR Luther Burden decided to follow in the great tradition of... some folks, I guess, and play for Eli Drinkwitz and the Missouri Tigers in 2021. We will see you CoMo next fall, Luther.

While that’s a new face that won’t arrive in Athens, a somewhat familiar face has rejoined the football program. Scott Cochran is officially back working on staff after taking some personal leave. I used the website because those guys are still ticked off Kirby stole Cochran from under Saban - sacrilege that futher added to Smart’s legacy of a traitor to the Herringbone. There is no denying Coach Cochran makes connections with his players wherever he goes, and that he is a powerful and positive influence. What this does to Will Muschamp’s on-field role means that at least someone is moving upstairs at Sanford Stadium.

If you were looking in from the outside, and decided to give a traditional letter grade to the various Bulldog football units, what would your decision be? Anybody get an A+? Anyone getting a C (or worse)? I’ll end the suspense and you can check it out here.

You think I’d let the article run this long and not tell you the latest on ‘Dawg QB JT Daniels? Turns out the news is only getting better, just not certain. Not to mention George Pickens hope? Blaylock, Rosemy-Jacksaint, Burton, and Smith? Just take a minute to let those absences sink in.

Look, it’s a bye week, I’m tired, there’s not a ton going on, and now DaveTheDawg caused a minor marriage conflict since my wife reads his articles religiously (I’m hoping that’s where it stops). If you have anything to share, post it in the comments and let’s all bask in the #1 ranking that won’t fall no matter what happens Saturday. And as always...