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Afternoon Games Open Thread: Life In The Fast Lane.

NCAA Football: Tulane at Mississippi Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The best thing about a decisive early win for your Georgia Bulldogs is the opportunity to turn your attention to other pursuits for the remainder of your Saturday. For some that means getting the party started in downtown Athens. For us here it means cueing up a full schedule of SEC football action on through the evening.

This will be the Open Thread for the rest of the day’s college football action. As usual RedCrake already provided the full schedule, including:

  • Ole Miss at Alabama at 3:30 on CBS. Can the Lane Train become the first former Saban assistant to beat the Boss Man?
  • Florida at Kentucky at 7:00 on ESPN. Kentucky is a painful -9 in the turnover column this season and it hasn’t bitten them yet. But there’s always tonight.
  • Auburn at LSU at 9:00 on ESPN. The Plainsmen are going to warm up for next week’s Georgia matchup by playing a physical late football game and arriving home in metro Opelika around 3:30 am. That’s just too bad.

We’ll be peppering the site with usual Postgame lineup shortly, but for now y’all be nice, play pretty, and enjoy some good football.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!