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Tuesday Dawg Bites is pondering hope

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

Odds are that you have seen THE video by now.

If not, here’s the most recent SEC Shorts video in its full glory that fully encapsulates all sides of Georgia fandom.

Those that think that this really is the year.

Those that think there’s a trap door around the corner waiting each week...or even during the off week in the form of a possible motorscooter injury on campus. It’s like riding with someone in a car that panics when they get behind a log truck for the sole reason that they saw Final Destination 2.

Continued well-wishes for Coach Dooley as he continues to recover from a fall at his home late last week.

Meanwhile, up on good ol’ rocky trash, penalties were told out to UT-Knoxville for its embarrassingly and laughable display at the end of Saturday night’s game against Ole Miss.

A fine of $250,000 is being levied, an amount that’ll actually come out of the annual revenue distribution given to each school. UT also has to review its alcohol sale policies and also seek to identify those who threw items on the field.

I’ve only been to Knoxville for a game twice, and both of those were on the media side, so I’m sure our loyal readers can probably weigh in better than I can about the opposing fan experience at one of the most overrated stadium experiences in college football. Forming of a giant T is as overhyped as the Sons of Klem touching some piece of rock.

Anyone, and there are not many of them, trying to defend Tennessee fans, a small group, albeit, for their behavior saying that ‘they were frustrated and had enough’ need to take a seat.

Georgia lost a home game to LSU because of an idiotic ‘celebration’ penalty against AJ Green, lost to Vandy due to an absurd targeting penalty and lost a national title in part due to Tyler Simmons being wrongly ruled offsides...but you never saw Georgia fans pelting players or others on the sidelines with foreign objects, some of which can literally harm people. You’d expect that from the Cleveland Browns fans at the old Municipal Stadium or from Oakland Raiders fans...but not in the SEC.

Look - Lane Kiffin leaving Tennessee and his way in doing so was awfully handled - but how many current Tennessee students were even there when it happened? This isn’t the 1990s and early 2000s. Tennessee isn’t a top-5 program. There’s a lot of problems for the Volunteers program, and Lane Kiffin should be the least of them.

Georgia plays Tennessee Nov. 13, by the way. Hope everyone is already engaged in prayer and fasting for the knee ligaments of Georgia players....

Go Dawgs!