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Tuesday Dawg Bites is enjoying the ride

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

As Saturday night unfolded in College Station, where Georgia ridiculously has not played an SEC road game at, by the way, the mixture of reaction starting coming in from Dawg fans.

“Awesome, this means we’ll be number one!”

“Crap! We’ll be number one and lose and it’ll be painful!”

“(jokingly) Do we have to be number one? Can it be Coastal Carolina instead?”

Honestly, that reaction is not too stunning. As great as this season has been, there’s still a segment of Georgia’s fan base that appears to seek out misery and find the smallest sliver of possible negativity and magnify it...we even saw it on Dawg Sports Live last week.

Here’s the thing. Kirby Smart was brought to Georgia to set a standard. And the fact is that here were are, a month into the season and then some and the national media thinks a lot of the Dawgs to rate them first overall in the rankings for the first time since 1982, it says this - that Georgia is becoming the envy of the college football world.

If you came of age like I did on the back end of the Dooley years and into that of Goff and Donnan, you probably heard stories from your parents and other relatives that were in school in the early era in which a student government candidate platform was literally to have WCW Wrestling at Stegeman Coliseum,

You’d hear stories of Georgia being on top of the college football world for those three years and think of it like something out of a history book, something that’d never probably happen again.

Georgia may win a national title this year. It may not. I don’t have a crystal ball, but this much is true - every fan base badly wants to be a top-three program, and it’s easier said than done - just ask Texas, Nebraska and USC.

Eras like this don’t happen easily. Sit back, relax and enjoy the well as Brook Whitmire welcoming everyone with ‘THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE LAND...” on Saturday afternoon Between The Hedges.

The video reaction of the winning kick Saturday night at Texas A&M has been widely seen. A new perspective on the moment, from a former placekicker who’s made some big kicks himself for Georgia...

Speaking of the top ranking, getting carried away with it is not something that appears to be going on within the Georgia program, according to the Banner-Herald.

I’ll admit...I’m not to biggest women’s tennis follower...but this NIL deal signed by one of the Lady Bulldogs is the envy of anyone who’s ever gone looking for a relatively inexpensive taco or burrito at Barberitos.

Kirby Smart divulged on Saturday after the game that the Dawgs are a bit more banged up than initially indicated. That’s obviously not going to help the worry-aspect of Georgia fans as an unbeaten Kentucky team comes to town.

An update was provided on Monday. As of now, it looks like safety Chris Smith is questionable, offensive tackle Jamaree Salyer is skewing toward probable with Marcus Rosemy Jacksaint also being probable with Kenny McIntosh also among those probable. As for quarterback JT guess is we’ll know about 3:12 p.m. on Saturday.

As for Kentucky, defensive lineman Octavius Oxendine is out for the year, coming a game after having two sacks against LSU.

With SEC Nation and College Gameday in town this weekend, it’ll feel about like the Kentucky Headhunters at Dumas Walker.

Go Dawgs!