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@Dawg_Stats Blitz

I am back with your weekend SEC metrics blitz. Dawgs improved a couple percentage points both on offense and defense. 62-0 victory where you put up 500+ yards and allow 77 will do that. This week features a full slate of SEC games that should be more competitive, Vanderbilt aside.

Last week I highlighted a few things – could Tennessee continue to slow opposing teams rush attack. Vols were third in league in rush success rate allowed, but Gators were successful on 50%+ of rushing plays coming into Saturday. Emory Jones and Dameon Pierce led rushing attacked gained 283 yards and a 46% rush success rate.

Also, MSU came into the LSU game passing on 78% of plays. LSU was allowing just 27% success on opposing offenses pass plays. Mississippi State did manage a 54% success rate on pass plays, but has a season low yards per attempt and came up short losing 25-28.

Lastly, I wanted to see Georgia improve passing efficiency. Don’t need a slide rule to calculate that they did just that. The offensive barrage laid down in Nashville brought their season offensive success to 48%.

This week the nation has eyes on Ole Miss and Alabama. Ole Miss is putting up gaudy numbers with 7.7 YPP and a 52% success rate. While the defense has improved is allowing 4.8 YPP and a 43% success rate. Alabama is still efficient on offensive side of the ball with 48% success rate and 7.1 YPP, pair that with a defense which is holding offenses to 38% success rate and you’ve got a helluva game.

Florida and Kentucky is certainly a game that UGA fans are interested in watching. Wildcats actually are ahead of Florida in Net YPP for the season. UK ranks 12th and UF at 16th. I factored in the opponents faced and that number favors Florida head to head over Kentucky. I expect Florida to win and cover. With that and big thank you to College Football Data, here is the blitz.

Dawgs crack the 7.0 YPP mark on offense. If that is a sustainable number, Bulldogs are dangerous
UGA is second national in Net YPP behind Coastal Carolina. Half of the league is in the top 16 in this stat
Ole Miss and Matt Corral are putting up insane numbers on offense. Can the D step up this weekend and pull off the upset
Arkansas runs the ball 68% of the time on offense. UGA is first in nation in rush success rate allowed. Something has to give
LSU is in bottom third of Pass and Rush metrics. Auburn in second in SEC defending both. Upset alert?
UGA is putting offenses in passing situations on 44% of plays. This is testament to the front 7 stopping runs and attacking the passer.