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Wednesday Dawg Bites still respects the specs

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

JT-D’wan Daniels-Mathis may have one less target to throw to against Arkansas.

Highly touted graduate transfer Tre McKitty will miss at least a few weeks due to recovery from a procedure on his knee following an injury over the weekend.

Hot Rod won the placekicking job prior to the season opener with the Colts. How did he deal with the stress? Like all of us would, obviously - legos.

The story of Deandre Baker is not as good. A year after being the Giants first-round pick, off-field troubles have resulted in his release.

Anthony Edwards is a likely high NBA Draft selection. The Red & Black takes a look at where he would fit best.

Tyson Campbell and Travon Walker came to Athens highly touted. Then came having to work their way onto the field. Both spoke this week about meeting those high expectations on their shoulders that weighed down before they even got to campus.

In the land of throwing duct tape against the wall to see what sticks, Todd Monken has been mentioned as a candidate for the suddenly vacant head coaching job at Southern Miss. I get the rationale of him being a former assistant in Hattiesburg, but Monken came back to a place like Georgia to elevate his career - Southern Miss is not that place.

Baylor and Louisiana Tech hav postponed their opener, making it three Big 12 matchups to be postponed due to COVID-19. If there’s an advantage the SEC has with its later start date, its to see how other conferences handle it. If the SEC opened in a week or two, it could be looking at something similar (see the Auburn and Tennessee practices being waved off).

Go Dawgs!