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Saturday Morning Dawg ‘Bites has Opted In

I say start Jordan Davis at QB and RTDB.

Georgia v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s technically week #2 of Bizarro Season, so if you haven’t checked in the RedCrake’s foosball schedule yet, he’s got you covered on who’s playing today and when.

Now, only to some tiddly bits and newsy notes...

Former ‘Bama S&C coach and current special teams coordinator Scott Cochran spoke about a few things, including the famous “Black Out” jab from our ill-fated meeting with Bama back in ‘08. Personally, I had moved on from this. Time to change the narrative.

Speed kills. If you’re fast and physical, I’m going to find a spot You don’t have to be the smartest guy, you just have to be fast and physical. - Scott Cochran’s thoughts on special teams players.

I penned a little defensive tackle preview on Thursday and noted that no defensive tackles had committed yet for the 2021 cycle...yet. That all changed when Marlon Dean, who de-committed from the Dawgs back on June 18, re-committed on Friday. Dean is 6’ 6”, and a whole roast chicken short of 270. That kind of frame can carry some really good weight later on once he hits the S&C program. Huge upside here. Good on ‘ya, kid.

Georgia 2021 commit Brock Vandagriff is good at playing football.

(It’s really good to see high school football back. Speaking of which, I got a real kick out of watching my Alma Mater Oconee County (‘80) whip their rival North Oconee 27-7 as it was streamed live on YouTube).

One of my favorite recurring features on any blog, anywhere, is Senator Blutarsky’s “Your Daily Gator” over at Get The Picture. Yesterday’s installment didn’t disappoint. Would it be too much to ask if we not only beat Florida in November, but absolutely thrash them? (I’ll take just play them for now, given the current state of affairs).

So, for the past 2 seasons, Florida has been warming-up during the pre-game, wearing jerseys that had no numbers. I guess that’s some sort of genius Dan Mullen thing designed to perplex and confuse their opponent, and the local police. (We’ve beaten them the last 3 years, BTW...). A new NCAA rule mandates that players must sport a jersey with their numbers on it while out on the field inside 90-minutes before the game. Who is Mullen blaming for this change? Guess.

Well, ‘ol Dan had me fooled. And all this time I thought they were warming up in Underoos.

Yesterday was Vince Dooley’s 88th birthday. Happy Birthday, coach! Here’s to many more.

This is a pretty good perspective from Dean Legge over at DawgPost. Yeah, losing Jamie Newman was a shock, but I doubt the team is in shock. Despite our QB situation which is still in flux, I feel like the offense will be more successful than last year despite it all. And, oh, that defense. I can’t wait.

That’s all I’ve got.

As Always, GO DAWGS!