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The Battle Hymnal 9.4: A Film Study Of The Todd Monken Offense

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Stanford v Oklahoma State

Are you worried about Georgia’s quarterback position now that Jamie Newman is out of the picture? Don’t be! Todd Monken is on the job...

In this episode:

  • Nathan gives us a breakdown of Monken’s history and where his philosophical roots are planted
  • We watch some tape of Todd Monken’s past teams, and explain how his spread might look in Athens.
  • Let’s talk about Matt Luke, pulling lineman and roll blocking
  • We salivate over the Monkman’s ability to create space
  • The guys explain the biggest reasons why you should NOT be worried about Jamie Newman’s departure
  • OMG after seeing what Monken can do with subpar athletes in C-USA we’re really excited to watch Georgia take the field this fall

Stay tuned for more breakdowns in the coming weeks, and as always please follow us on Twitter! (@ChapelBellCurve, @Dawg_Stats, @ProfessorSEC, @NathanJLawerence & @TheJustinBray) and if you have any questions for the show send them with #askcbc.

Until later, GO DAWGS!