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Wednesday Dawg Bites Is Still Adapting

Georgia v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The oddness of playing Auburn at a time other than the crisp, sometimes frigid air of November continues to lay heavy. The ABH takes a look at how both sides of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry see things.

Auburn’s offense got a good start to the season last week against Kentucky. The Red & Black gets a feel for Georgia’s defensive prep.

As to who lines up under center? There’s a 33.3 percent chance your guess is correct.

Call it poor-mouthing, coach-speak or whatever you want. Either way, both coaches of this week’s rivalry game are not shying from it. That said, it’s not on the level of Coach Dooley singling out an opponent for ‘having the best long snapper I have ever seen.”

What kind of prep is Georgia making to keep fans safe Between The Hedges? Josh Brooks, UGA’s Deputy AD gives the details.

And what’s Auburn week without The Dog Story?