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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites Endorses Day Drinking for QB1

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Bulldog Nation! Welcome to Tuesday, we’re finally playing real, honest to goodness, SEC Football. Monday’s over and done with, just a few more days until it’s Saturday In Athens!

As you pour that first beverage of the day, remember it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. So let’s dig in to the news of the day….

Last week’s travel team to Fayetteville include 12 Freshmen, 10 of which saw action during the contest. If you weren’t keeping count, the Defense pulled in 3 interceptions on Saturday. One by Eric Stokes and two from Liberty County’s Richard LeCounte.

SEC Special Teams Player of the Week, Jake Camarda has a few thoughts…on golf and maybe one or two on football, but mostly golf.

As you’ve already heard, JT Daniels has been cleared to play in Saturday’s game. Whether or not he will actually play is still an open question. Kirby did not take a 2 QB solution off the table in Monday’s press conference.

The Coaches Poll has your Classic City Canine’s ranked #4 this week, edged out by the repugnant reptilians to our south who come in at No 3. Despite the fact that we had the largest margin of victory in the SEC on Saturday. Current Coaches Poll rankings include Clemson & Alabama in the #1 and #2 slots and the Fighting Irish round out the top 5. The twitterverse isn’t particularly enthralled with the rankings.

The Plainstiglesmen are making sure we all know they’re “not scared of any secondary.” They’ve also declared “there’s no challenge.” Hopefully our boys will help them eat those words come Sunday.

The UT game has been picked up on the six-day option. We’ll kick off at either 3:30pm on CBS or Noon on ESPN.

Y’all mind your manners, play pretty and leave those Auburn fans alone now.

Until next time….