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Second Quarter Open Thread

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Several awful penalties and a couple of defensive breakdowns have the Bulldogs fighting for their lives against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

On the bright side the defense looks just as fast and aggressive as they did in 2019. D’Wan Mathis has one brain sprain (pun intended) on a third down when he could have picked up a first down and instead stepped out of bounds. But was otherwise doing pretty well until squandering a Richard LeCounte interception with a bad pick.

You’re not going to beat anyone with 73 yards of penalties in one quarter. In the second, it feels like Georgia just needs to settle down and play football. It certainly wasn’t the start Kirby Smart wanted, but a few offensive adjustments and continued solid defensive play should give the Bulldogs’ depth a chance to start weighing on the Razorbacks.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!