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The Friday Tailgate

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Friday Tailgate, the virtual gathering spot at which we all stand a safe, physically distant ways away from each other and wait for kick off. You got to be somewhere between now and when toe meets leather in Fayetteville, it might as well be here. Maestro, the music:

These last few hours before the Georgia Bulldog football season kicks off are always some of the toughest for me. There’s the excitement, sure. But this year there’s also the fact that watching Kirby Smart’s team may be the most normal thing I’ve done in six months.

Another perfectly normal thing to do this time of year? Our weekly over/under. To review, the rules are very simple. I state a numerical proposition and you stayed in the comments whether you think the reality will be over or under that number. For example, “MaconDawg will eat 2.9 barbecue sandwiches tomorrow.” If you think I’ll eat two, take the under. Two is less than 2.9. If you think I’ll eat three, you’re smart and you should take the over. Three is more than 2.9. Got it? Good. Let’s do it. Over or under?

  • Arkansas tailback Rakeem Boyd rushes for 99.9 yards.
  • Zamir White rushes for 99.9 yards.
  • James Cook amasses 119.9 total yards.
  • D’Wan Mathis attempts 19.9 passes.
  • JT Daniels attempts 19.9 passes.
  • The Bulldog defense creates 2.9 turnovers.
  • The Georgia offense rolls up 399.9 yards of offense.
  • The Red and Black defense allows 299.9 yards of offense.
  • The Dawgs’ defense allows 0.9 rushing touchdowns.
  • Georgia scores 0.9 special teams touchdowns.
  • We hear about D’Wan Mathis’s brain 5.9 times from the TV crew.
  • We see 3.9 clips of Sam Pittman saying “YESSIIIRRRR!!!” on the TV broadcast.

Place your bets folks. And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!