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Three keys to beating Arkansas

Georgia v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Around eight o clock or so on Saturday night, Georgia’s first game in a highly unique season will have concluded against Arkansas.

Here’s what Georgia needs to do in order to win.

QB play that doesn’t lose the game

At this stage, you have to assume that D’Wan Mathis is starting against the Razorbacks.

Playing a true SEC game first time out is nothing short of daunting. Mathis does not need to win the game with big throws. He just needs to avoid mistakes and leave it to Georgia’s playmakers

Start strong

I don’t know what it is - something in the Northwest Arkansas water, the distance to Fayetteville, Ark. Georgia has an odd history of not playing at a peak level on the road against the Hogs.

It’d be nice for Georgia to jump all over Arkansas and led 28-0 through a quarter. More importantly, Georgia needs to be in control from the start and not let he underdogs feel they have a chance to win.

Break the Arkansas Tempo

A calling card of an air-raid-esque offense like the one Kendall Briles envisions is quick play after play. That’s all well and good when those plays work. Georgia needs to prevent multiple positive-yard plays in a row..and causing lots ‘f “havoc” would not hurt, either.

Go Dawgs!