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Wednesday Dawg Bites Isn’t Feeling The Respect

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Georgia at Tennessee

One of the more bizarre things of the offseason that, theoretically ends this weekend in the SEC is the discounting of Georgia’s odds to win the SEC East.

In an era where someone in a secret room apparently decided to throw tape against a wall to see if something sticks instead of exercising logic, teams not named Georgia have emerged to win the SEC East.

That’s trickled down to Georgia’s preseason accolades.

Oh, and Kirby has noticed. So much for the ‘coaches don’t read the media’ bit.

For a defense as good as Georgia’s was, it is a headscratcher to see so few off last year’s group be tabbled for preseason honors.

This team is flying under the radar, and that, indirectly could be just the way that is likes it.

I am not sure if that means that Kirby will show up at the IPF one day going all Al Czervik.

Then again, maybe you should get a free bowl of soup with a Florida hat?

Speaking of trying to doormat Kirby Smart, I’m not sure what’s worse- using a last ditch effort to transfer and suddenly citing an ‘environment’ or the rush to assume it’s all a fact?

Is Athens perfect? Sadly, no. And comments about the ACCPD don’t help and will likely be used against UGA by opposing coaches on the recruitiing trail.

But to claim as racist environment in one place and then laud the culture in Oxford? That’s the most outlandish thing by someone named Otis since Otis Campbell asked to go bac k to jail to avoid Aunt Bee’s work detail.

How’s things in Hogville? Here’s some insight into what Sam Pittman’s plan for Saturday may be.

But yes, Georgia’s defense is taking this game seriously, despite what oddsmakers say

Today exactly three years ago may have been the moment when, you knew it’d be a special season. Pundits pegged a Dan Mullen team as a trendy pick to upset Georgia. Sound familiar? Let’s just say that the opposite happened...from the flea flicker to the goal line stand all the way to finish.

Go Dawgs!