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Monday ‘Dawg Bites: Get Your Game Face On

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s game week, people.

Your Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Arkansas Razorbacks this Saturday and, if you’re like me, you’re probably going to have some trouble concentrating on other things between now and then. So here’s the plan: let’s take a quick spin through the most important UGA news out there this morning, then see if we can focus on other stuff for a solid two, maybe three hours, okay? Good plan. Let’s do it.

Jake Rowe at Dawgs247 has an updated look at which freshmen are likely to play key roles for the ‘Dawgs in 2020. I’m intrigued that even in a deep UGA secondary freshman Jalen Kimber could be one of the first players off the bench. Also if consequence is Jake’s observation that Darnell “Big 0” Washington is pushing for first team snaps at tight end.

Speaking of tight ends, veteran John FitzPatrick (the likely game one starter in place of injured Tre McKitty) feels physically ready to step into the spotlight. He also refuses to be drawn into a discussion about which of the three offensive coordinators he’s played for in Athens utilizes the tight end best. Personally, I’m not terribly invested in seeing Georgia throw to the tight end 12 times a game. I just want to see the tight ends and every other skill position group used efficiently, and as part of a cohesive game plan. That’s something that was lacking at times last season for a variety of reasons (scheme, injuries, personnel).

DawgNation’s Mike Griffith has an assessment of what Sam Pittman faces of he’s to rebuild Arkansas football. I think all of us in Bulldog Nation want Pittman to succeed when he’s not playing the Red and Black. But the hard truth is that he’s taken on a brutal job. The Razorbacks will have perennially loaded schedules and are unlikely to ever recruit on the level of Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M. Point being, if the Pit Boss can get the ‘Hawgs to 7-5 consistently they should build him a statue, and pay what it takes to keep him in Fayetteville.

In case you missed it, Nebraska really wanted to play Big Ten football. By God, the league office is going to give them all the B1G they can handle.

Nebraska’s athletic officials and fans are slowly learning in their transition from Big XII to Big Ten the lesson implicit in an old joke about every Bulldog fan’s favorite Heisman-winning tailback.

The story goes that Herschel Walker found himself in Knoxville (or Baton Rouge, or Gainesville) and had been invited to a classy dinner but realized he didn’t have a jacket to wear. So he popped into the closest menswear store he could find and told them he needed something immediately.

Obviously the Goalline Stalker’s hulking traps and pecs wouldn’t fit in an off-the-rack coat, but he was assured the store had a tailor who could size him up and get his purchase altered in under an hour. The employee set to work, first measuring his sleeve length.

“26 inches”, the tailor said to himself.

That seemed short to Herschel, but he didn’t say anything, thinking the man to be a professional and not wanting to tell him how to do his job. Next he measured the big man from Wrightsville’s waist.

“29 inches” he noted.

Herschel knew that wasn’t right. It was low by a solid 2 inches. He was trying to figure out how to speak up when the tailor absent-mindedly called out his chest measurement.

“42 inches.”

“Now hang on a minute” said Herschel. I’m a fanatic about my body. I do 5,000 sit-ups and 5,000 pushups before breakfast every day. My biceps have their own biceps. And what’s more, I was measured two weeks ago for a suit down in Athens that fit perfectly and all those measurements were way higher than what you’ve been calling out. You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“Yeah” replied the tailor, “but you’re forgetting one thing.”

“What’s that?” asked Walker.

“You’re a lot bigger man in Athens than you are here.”

Finally, your morning words of wisdom, which should require no additional explanation whatsoever.

Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!