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Your Week 1 College Football TV Schedule

It’s time to kick off “The Sort-of-Season”

NCAA Football: Camellia Bowl-Florida International vs Arkansas State Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again!

Sort of...

This weekend does technically begin the college football season (unless, of course, you joined me last weekend on the crazy train that was the Austin Peay/Central Arkansas game). But since the major conferences decided to do this sort of staggered roll out thing between now and the last weekend of September, I’ve taken to referring to it as “The Sort-of-Season.” This week features no ranked teams (although there are three from the “others receiving votes” list). No major conference foes. No rivalries (I could be wrong about this, I have no idea if Marshall and Eastern Kentucky hate each other. It’s entirely possible that they do.). No Big 12. No ACC. No SEC. Also, no Big Ten or Pac 12, but we’re all just gonna have to find some way to live with that for a while, amirite? LOL!

Anyway, while nothing about this week or this upcoming season is typical, tradition is tradition and that means I owe you a schedule of all of this week’s nationally-televised college football action. Because of the small number of games and the oddness of the circumstances, I decided to try something a little different this week. The regular format will resume next week.


I’ll also save the “best game in each timeslot” selections for next week since there isn’t exactly much overlap, I plan to watch all the games, and I don’t have a ton of vested interest in the teams competing. I will be rooting for Coach Blake Anderson and the Arkansas State Red Wolves, and I generally pull for the service academies to win. Beyond that I’m just gonna be there for the love of the game... and I assume you are, too.

Until next time...