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Dawg Bites is getting ready to Get The Picture

Has anyone ever bothered to figure out what Britney is doing with her life, though?

Georgia v Alabama Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

It’ll look different than usual, but pieces continue to be put into place for actual SEC football being played later this month. Hopefully, all of you are staying safe.

Here’s a glance around in today’s Dawg Bites..

CBS again looks Georgia’s way for its primetime game slot.

The network announced its broadcast slate on Tuesday, including that the Oct. 17 contest in Tuscaloosa will be at 8 pm on CBS. The Florida game draws a 3:30 slot for CBS as well.

Other game starts and times are also set in the early part of the season. Sept. 26 at Arkansas is a 4 pm kickoff on the SEC Network and the next week’s clash with Auburn is at 7:30 p.m on ESPN.

If you know anything about Georgia’s TV luck, it’s that the Arkansas game will be broadcast by Beth Mowins. Go ahead and brace yourself...

Georgia’s last game against Bama in Tuscaloosa at night went rather well. At this point, the Dawgs need any good stroke of luck that may be found against the Tide.

Speaking of...has anyone figured out what Britney is really doing with her life?

Georgia’s players raised awareness for racial equality on Monday night...wearing black jerseys, no less.

The Red&Black takes a closer look at the program’s off-field activism efforts

While everyone is focused on, rightfully so, who the new QB is going to be, there’s another position battle - replacing as legit of a folk hero as Athens has seen since Herschel.

The Macon Telegraph takes a look at the placekicker battle.

You know the offseason is too long when the actual debate is over way a team is too overrated. How many days to kickoff, again?

Georgia has an embarrassment of riches in the defensive backfield. The way Mark Webb sees it, it’s more than just hype.

Think 2020 can’t more 2020? The highest office in the land may or may not be playing a role to get the Big Ten to play this year.

I guess the allure of going 8-4 and losing an also-ran bowl in Florida just has an appeal that is tough to resist.

Even if there are games, what’s to say that the Justin Fields of the world look at it and say that the exposure or injury risk is too much for lay on the line compared to being a top-ten draft pick. Recent player decisions like Ja’Marr Chase may only be the beginning...especially at LSU.

If there’s a player coming off a pretty good first two years, why not think about sitting a year out and not risk hurting your draft stock - see Jake Fromm.

As hard is it is to believe, games are scheduled for this month.

At some point, the place of turning back is passed and games will move ahead.

In other words, to paraphrase an Athens-rooted band, Get On The Plane.