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Saturday College Football Open Thread

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 04 Armed Forces Bowl - Southern Miss v Tulane Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to another college football Saturday, Dawg Sports reader. It’s the last Saturday of the fall without Georgia Bulldog football (or so we hope), and I’m going to level with you here. It’s still not the most compelling slate of college football you’ve ever seen. But there are still a few choice cuts on the playlist that demand your attention, including some opportunities for schadenfreude and an actual matchup of ranked football teams.

As always you can find the full schedule here courtesy of RedCrake, a gentleman, a scholar, and the frontman for America’s premier emo Facts of Life cover band, Death Cab for Tootie.

I’m personally interested in watching ranked Louisville take on ranked Miami this evening at 7:30 on ABC. Elsewhere in ACC action Syracuse and Pitt in the noon slot seems like a decent lunchtime accompaniment. Watching Tech come back to earth at 3:30 on ABC against #14 UCF in a clash of programs who think George O’Leary’s a swell guy is solely at your own discretion and hazard. We accept no legal responsibility for what happens if you’re watching that one.

We’ll stick with this thread as the hub for discussion of all today’s games unless things get too unwieldy.

Have a good one everybody, and....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!