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Saturday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is One Day Closer to those Red Pants...

...and to celebrate, I’m breaking out the red spandex from my hair-metal days. Hello, ladies...

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NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Baylor Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

You ready for some serious fashion this season, starting in about 1 week? The red pants are back, along with some other uniform additions. Some folks don’t like the faux spikes around the collar of the new blackout jerseys. Look’a here: If we’re scoring touchdowns and stuffing their offense, I don’t care if we’re out there wearing a pair of Huggies and a Manzere (we’d just better win...).

I love the red pants. Always have, always will.

If you haven’t read DawgOutWest and Nathan Lawrence’s breakdown/analysis/dissection/white paper on what to expect in Todd Monken’s offense, now would be a good time to pull up a comfortable chair, fix a nice, warm beverage and allow yourself at least a good 12 hour to really dig in and ingest what was a lot of hard work by these guys (if you watch all the videos, allow an extra 4 days). Now, I don’t know how things are going to look right out of the gate next week in Fayetteville from the offensive perspective, but after reading that piece, I’m inclined to believe that it’ll be absolutely fascinating.

Remember last year’s opener at Vandy? Sure you do. The first three drives was exactly how we figured the entire season would go from an offensive standpoint. Then, reality set in. I get the feeling things will be different this year.

SEC Shorts having fun at the expense of others. Just my kind of forum.

The SEC announces minimum roster requirements for COVID19 protocols. It’s actually a bit scary and there’s not much wiggle room for teams with depth issues. With evidence in recent days of another potential spike, there just are no guarantees going forward.

The Cade Mays eligibility saga is close to being over. Nothing really to see here and I hope the kid plays this year. Why be bitter? Life’s too short for that shiitake mushroom.

Jordan Davis: Team Player

I actually look at the linebacker stats because I know if the linebackers get a lot of tackles, that means I’m doing my job right. I always say two on me, somebody’s free. So usually when the linebackers make a tackle for loss, it’s usually dealing with something on the d-line. - Jordan Davis, #99 in your program, #1 in our hearts

George Pickens says he’s matured as a player and person.

Specifically, from the Sugar Bowl game, from then on, I’ve just been focusing on the team. That’s kind of how I got good in the Sugar Bowl game, and how I got the numbers I had— because I was just focused on the team. - Georgia WR, Georgia Pickens

Here’s a great write-up by Seth Emerson on Pickens ($$$) and some other notes from The Athletic.

There is a pretty fierce competition on-going between 2 potential heirs to the kicking duty throne vacated by Rodrigo Blankenship. Competition is a good thing, and pressure is a privilege, or so I’ve heard.

That’s all I’ve got this morning. Enjoy your Saturday, be safe and, As Always...