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The Battle Hymnal Talks College Sports Economics With Matt Brown of Extra Points

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 26 MAC Conference Media Day Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With college football in season and many conferences looking to start play in the coming months, you might think that the financial stress of Covid-19 is no easing for athletic departments.

You would be wrong.

Our nation’s colleges weren’t in the best economic shape before the pandemic, and the enrollment issues Coronavirus is causing aren’t making things any easier. Nobody understands these issues better than Matt Brown, who has been studying them for the last seven years, and has a newsletter devoted specifically to them.

Brown joined Graham Coffey and Josh Hancher to help them better understand how deep these problems run, why schools like Iowa are lying when they say they need to cut olympic sports and explain how administrative turnover lead to the Big Ten’s bungling of this football season.

This episode is worth a listen for not just sports fans, but anyone who has an interest in what colleges will look like over the coming decades. Simply put, Matt blew our minds with all he brought to the table.

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