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That Dawg’ll Bite You: Nolan Smith

Georgia v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Dan Lanning has gained a well-earned penchant for his role in developing Georgia’s linebackers. While that includes a core group on this year’s team that includes alpha dogs such as Ojulari, it also includes players primed to take that next step.

That’s where Nolan Smith comes into the picture.

Smith has the misfortune of being behind Ojulari on the depth chart at linebacker. But if anyone knows anything about a Georgia defense, it’s this - the operative word is ‘rotate.’

That’s where Smith comes into the picture this season after seeing time last year as a true freshman. .

He played in all 14 games a year ago- picking up 14 tackles and sacks against Mizzou, Murray State and Georgia Tech. That, however, were in fill-in and mop up duty. With another year of experience, look for Smith, also a year more versed in Georgia’s defensive scheme, to be in position to make an even bigger impact.

He recently pointed to Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy as players he patters himself after. If Smith can play at that level, Georgia will have yet another tool in its havoc toolbox.

Go Dawgs!