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Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule

One more week! One more week! One more week!

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Louisiana Tech vs Miami Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Now that all that silliness about ranking teams that weren’t going to play this season is over, we get down to the meat of it in terms of football that actually matters. In some cases, things have gotten much better: a ranked ACC battle between Miami and Louisville. In some they’ve gotten worse: top-ranked Clemson stepping out of conference to play The Citadel. But all things considered, we have much to be thankful for... not the least of which is that a week from Saturday the real contenders come out to play! * insert fake conference pride chant here * Let’s be clear, I want every team that is not the Georgia Bulldogs to lose. Always. Badly. I’ve got zero conference pride. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But I can’t watch those teams lose until they start playing, so next week it is.

At any rate, let’s see what we’ve got on tap this weekend:


And now for your suggested viewing selections in each time slot:


Campbell Fighting Camels @ Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, ESPN - 7:30 pm

Under normal circumstances, I’d tell you to go out to dinner or see a movie or hit the club or whatever it is the kids are doing these days. Raves? Are those still a thing? Anyway, it’s not normal circumstances, so stay safe, stay in, and watch a team that almost eked out a win against Georgia Southern take on a team that just beat Kansas... convincingly.


Tulsa Golden Hurricane @ #11 Oklahoma State Cowboys, ESPM.- 12:00 pm

First real opportunity to scout a Big 12 contender against real competition (such as it ia)... and as an added bonus, you get to see what idiot thing Mike Gundy has up his sleeves next.


#14 UCF Knights @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. ABC - 3:30 pm

Hmmmm... I have a feeling this one may not go so well for the home team. What a shame...


#17 Miami Hurricanes @ #18 Louisville Cardinals, ABC - 7:30pm

While rankings at this stage of the season are likely to fluctuate wildly, there is still something special about a ranked on ranked matchup (and in conference no less). Not a bad way to wrap up the day.

That’s it for now, y’all. See you this weekend with my best sippin’ bourbon in the AM and my best drankin’ bourbon in the PM.

Until then...