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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites is Ready for some Football

or has been drinking too much whiskey & listening to entirely too much Hank Williams Jr. The difference is not statistically significant.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24 Georgia Tech at Georgia
What do you mean I can’t go to the games this year??!!!! My fans WANT me on that field, the team NEEDS me on that field!!!! ~ UGA X
Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good Morning Bulldog Nation! Welcome to Tuesday, there are only 11 more sleeps till Lewis Grizzard Approved By God Georgia Bulldogs Football!!!

Now on to the news of the day….

On the subject of Quarterbacks:

We’re still waiting for JT Daniels to achieve medical clearance. But everyone from Kirby Smart to Ben Cleveland likes a good quarterback competition. Well maybe not the fans and the opposition who would sure like to know who to prepare for.

Meanwhile former Bulldog Signal Caller Aaron Murray said Carson Beck had the best performance at Saturday’s scrimmage. To keep that in perspective, Carson was playing against the #2 Georgia defense.

David Pollack made it clear there is a “legit, 100% (competition).”

Seth Emerson reminds us if Mathis wins the QB competition, it will be “more than a great story.” He also suggests that Mathis may be the #1 at the moment given the issue with Daniels medical clearance vs. the time remaining before Game Day.

Speaking of Game Day, there’s some news about what that will and won’t look like.

In case you haven’t heard, UGA X will be watching from home in Savannah rather than the sidelines in Athens. The NCAA & SEC have both limited ‘on the field’ access to players, coaches and essential personnel.

The Redcoats are coming in a carefully constructed COVID-19 safe as possible manner. In other words, they’re trying to figure out who goes to which games based on regular proximity to one another, seniority, and leadership positions while still letting all 400 members of that mean machine perform. It looks like they plan to be at about a quarter their regular strength which is in line with the number of fans in the stands.

Looking at on the field play:

Sports Illustrated took a look at the freshman phenoms in the 2020 class. It was our second consensus No 1. Recruiting class in three years. They also proclaimed the offensive line “way ahead of expectations.”

Since I mentioned the offensive line, I’ll add in Seth Emerson’s article about how Georgia both won’t and shouldn’t abandon the running game. Meanwhile the Red & Black thinks the offense is “still in question.”

Everyone’s favorite College GameDay Talking head Kirk Herbstreit picked the gangly reptiles to our south to win the SEC East. Feel free to let him know your thoughts over at DawgNation.

Lastly to some bits and bobs around the Bulldog Nation:

UGAAA has announced it expects a $55 million financial loss. They threw in the student ticket allocation plan just for fun. There will be about 3,200 seats for students including those attending as members of the Redcoat Band & Spirit Squad. Again, in keeping with the allowable attendance.

As the NFL has kicked off you might want to know there are 51 former Bulldogs suiting up in the professional league, including practice squads, reserves, injured & opting out. The Red & Black has the list of who’s playing where. This will become very handy when I have to choose which team I’ll be cheering for in the Superbowl.

And finally, this is perhaps older news but I took an extended holiday weekend last weekend so I missed it. Saturday Down South shares this little entry in the “at least we don’t go to Auburn” category from Twitter.

That’s all I’ve got for now, y’all mind your manners & play pretty.

Until next time….