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Sunday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Sunday, Bulldog Fans! It’s like Saturday, in that there is no SEC football on TV today.

That’s it. That’s the tweet. No more. Go spend some time with your family.

Okay, we know you have the same addiction as us, in that college football and Georgia Bulldog football news is the only salve that takes away the burn. We have Bulldog HS commits and targets producing at arousing levels, we have Georgia Tech trying awful hard to fulfill its destiny, and we have a purported dumpster fire in at the Swamp. We will oblige accordingly, but remember this disclaimer: we didn’t mean to turn you on.

High School football was on proud display this weekend, and several high-visibility future Bulldogs were showing off their stuff.

By now you’ve probably seen the early season matchup between future SEC signal callers, but the game is worth revisiting. SI beat writer Brooks Austin was clearly impressed.

Recent WR commit Jackson Meeks showed his stuff, catching 2 TD passes and running for a third. The 18 yarder from Bo Caleb Nix was especially nifty.

Saturday held actual college football, from actual Power 5 programs. And a few Group of 5 programs who are vying for the Notre Dame/ACC clause in the BigXII bylaws. Namely, Arkansas State and Louisiana. With no spring football and tons of practice restrictions... turnovers and special teams y’all. That will tell.

Georgia Tech officially started the Geoff Collins era... check that. Presumably he was also the head coach at the Waffle House Trade School for The Uninitiated last season too. Anywhoo, he led his sideline iron-pumping charges to the flatlands of Doak Campbell, and they did Georgia Tech kinda things for a long time. I hate to plagiarize so here goes:

I don’t know if any Tech fans were possessed to go to Tallahassee

But imagine your season starting:

Weather Delay

Tech INT


Weather Delay


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DaveTheDawg’s response was not Sunday Go To Meeting approved, but a good one nonetheless.

Checks again.... what? Okay Mike Norvell, you can dump the Green Notebook that Willie Taggart left behind.

And to continue raining on your parade, the dumpster fire at 157 Gale Lemerand Dr, Gainesville, FL 32611 was not, in fact, started by a dumpster. Multiple soures are saying it was a maintenance tractor, which may or may not be a golf cart. I have been witness to a tractor catching on fire, and I am certain I was not the cause of it. I have been witness to a golf cart catching on fire, and I plead the fifth on the cause and the 1.75 liters of accelerant. I promise you they are very different things. Shoot, UF Director of Football Facilities Vaquez, Get It Together!

And though I don’t mean to be a downer, there is relevant news in college football we ALL must be aware of. Memphis has delayed next week’s conference opener vs. Houston due to COVID-19 “issues”. Auburn paused practice and a scrimmage a couple of weeks back and now notifies the press that 5 Tiger starters have missed practice this week due to the virus. Blacksburg, Virginia seems to have something going, as they announced today that they are postponing the season opener against rival Virginia.

West Virginia suspended 11 players for violations of team rules. Nothing further is known as of this writing.

I love having football Saturdays back, and no one is cheering harder than I am that everyone stays safe and we have as much football as possible. How you balance that against unknown long-term damage, the healthiest of young men taking risks, and tossing control procedures and other risk mitigating protocols all into a mix... I don’t know. I just want the best for all. And as always...