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Saturday Morning Dawg ‘Bites Might Need a Loan

Today is the penultimate Saturday without Georgia we all wait to exhale.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Georgia v Florida

Good morning, err’body. Before you launch into a few newsy notes and tiddly bits, why don’t ‘cha grab another cup of Joe, sneak out of the kitchen without waking the kids and catch up on some things. The world seems like a big, fat mess these days but there’s college football in a few hours and that’s a very, very good thing.

I guess the big news out of Athens is the revenue shortfall the Athletic Department is projecting for 2020, to the tune of about $55 million. This certainly isn’t unique to our school. I’m sure the UGAA will have some creative ways to make it up once this pandemic thing ends. It will end, right? I wonder if it will cause big schools like Georgia to re-think scheduling those cupcakes they pay upwards of a million bucks to take a whoopin’? Perhaps it’s more fuel for an argument to the expand Conference schedules that’s probably coming down the track - much to the detriment of smaller schools that need the revenue.

What an incredible high school football game up in Tiger last night, featuring two quarterbacks that will meet again in slightly bigger venues in a couple of years as Prince Avenue Christian traveled up into the northeast corner of the state. Rabun County, led by South Carolina commit Gunner Stockton, bested the team from Athens and UGA-bound Brock Vandagriff in a nationally televised matchup on ESPN 2, 38-31. Both teams played well on a hot and humid night. Both should go deep into their respective region playoffs, too.

A valiant comeback, but the boys from Athens came up just a bit short.

Jake Rowe at 247Sports tells us that on-campus tailgating isn’t off the table just yet for 2020, but the school’s position is still a “wait and see” approach. With only 20-25% capacity allowed for home games, tailgating would be the next best thing to being there for many.

Ben “Big Country” Cleveland speaks! The 5th year red-shirt senior is back after missing the Sugar Bowl due to academic ineligibility. In his virtual presser (worth the watch), he fesses up and owns it with a bit of humor. Ben also hunkered down in the classroom and is back in good standing. He’s an important piece of the offense, probably at right guard.

One of the things I look back on is I wish I would have taken academics a little more seriously. - Ben Cleveland DavetheDawg, circa 1980.

A lot of us have been in your shoes, Ben. I know I have...

Georgia will hold a very important scrimmage this afternoon as the QB pecking order is still up-for-grabs and the focus turns towards a game-plan for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

That’s all I’ve got. Have an awesome Saturday.

As Always, GO DAWGS!