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Thursday ‘Dawg Bites Lost To The Citadel And All We Got Was This Stupid Hat

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You haven’t quite made it through the week. But you’ve almost made it through the week. And at this point we need to celebrate even the small wins. So let’s celebrate the penultimate morning of the work week with a piping hot batch of the finest links from around Bulldog Nation.

DawgNation confirms that the social distancing measures put in place for this season will sideline Uga X. As Charles Seiler notes in the article Uga is a magnet for people, and having our special furry boy on the sidelines is just begging them to congregate around him. Like a lot of stuff in 2020, this move is disappointing but ultimately necessary.

Speaking of Bulldog position coaches, Dell McGee has a rare date with the media yesterday to update on his running back crew. However much credit Dell gets as a developer of running backs, it’s probably not enough. From turning Isaiah Crowell into the top tailback prospect in the nation as a high school coach on through to the present day, he’s been around more NFL caliber backs than anyone, and that’s not a coincidence. And while it remains to be seen if Zeus White and James Cook are ready to break out, I like their odds with this guy handling their continued development.

Speaking of continued development, Sam Pittman is working on developing the right attitude in Fayetteville. He’s also working on not turning the ball over as much, which would be a great idea. The Razorbacks threw 15 interceptions as a team last season, but when you play five different quarterbacks throughout the season a certain level of miscommunication and discontinuity should be expected. Honestly, if the ‘Hawgs can keep Feleipe Franks upright for 10 games that number will likely go down. Only to like, 12, but that’s less than 15 so you gotta call it a win.

And now, your morning words of wisdom. Sometimes in life you simply have to plow forward, to do what you must. It takes what it takes to succeed. And if selling $200 trucker hats is what it takes to keep your football program afloat you do it. But you should also expect your rivals to laugh at you.

I can’t believe it doesn’t even come with a side of Waffle House hash browns. What a ripoff. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!