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Three UGA Drives Out Of A Full House Backfield

The college football world has been abuzz with three back fantasies ever since Austin Peay started the season with a 75-yard touchdown run out of the Full House on Saturday night.

When the people ask for something, you give them what they want. Since friend of the site @Dawg_Stats asked me to do the right thing, I figured I better do the right thing.

What I want to know more than anything about the 2020 Georgia Bulldogs is what they might look like if Todd Monken has them lineup in a Full House Pistol formation. Monken has done this before. He used the Full House to perfection at Oklahoma State, forcing defenders into the box to stop the run until he had Justin Blackmon in one-on-one coverage with no safety help. Touchdown, Pokes.

So what if the Dawgs decided to break this out in Jacksonville on the first Saturday in November? What would it look like?

This is what it would look like.


Hi there, George!

Zamir & James & Kenny

Lol, 3rd & Grantham forever.

Dawg Sports hopes you’ve enjoyed this moment of football erotica.

Until later, Go Dawgs!